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Our goal is to create a more sustainable world that is fair for all. Therefore discover the unique journey of your product. Farmers, processors, retailers and many others will tell the story about their contribution to this delicious product along with its journey.

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They are the people on the very basis and behind the scenes who make it possible that you enjoy this product. Together we impact their living – and working conditions in a personal way by bringing you in direct contact with them.

Tip your favourite farmer

You vote for the world you want with the food choices you make. Reward your favourite farmer by sending a small tip and/or let them know you enjoyed their product. This will be delivered to them directly and can be done anonymously. Your effort is far-reaching and the entire amount will be transferred to your farmer. ‘Welcome to our growing community of giving and changing!

Our Mission

Vote for the world you want by choosing your food wisely

Consumers often live far away from the producers or their food and often have lost the connection to it and do not know where their products are made or under which circumstances. What if it becomes easier to tell the story of a product; where it came from, who grew it, how social and food safety issues are managed throughout the supply chain, and how sustainable and healthy a product is?

Our vision is that consumers vote by deciding what food they buy. We believe consumers care if they can also have a direct impact themselves by knowing who grew their product and talk to or tip a farmer directly. By using a blockchain application we can create a direct connection between the consumer and the farmer and tell the full story of the origin and journey of your product.

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Partnerships are at the core of this concept. These networks of people are complemented by networks of systems, organizations, and institutions. We employ blockchain technologies and mobile applications for real-time information sharing, execution, and user experience. The PowerChain tool is used to create the direct connection.

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Simplicity is one of our key criteria when creating this concept. By scanning the QR code on the product, we directly link you to the story of the product, its’ journey and the people behind it.

SIM Software Solutions

Knowledge creates trust. At SIM, both knowledge and trust are embedded in our culture. We translate these values into our services and solutions. The tip 2 Farmer concept is uniquely designed to enhance these values and offer them to all participants involved.

About Us

Tip to Farmer (T2F) is a solution by SIM Supply Chain Information Management, building on the company goal and values. With over 10 years of experience, we mapped over 160,000 supply chains, and 545,000 audits reports have been analyzed. SIM works towards a common goal for our clients and partners. The SIM mission is: Data you can trust, report and act on with a focus on timely, accurate and complete supply chain data. SIM knows which risks to expect at each step in the supply chain of a product, which questions to ask, and how to mitigate these risks.

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about the latest development of Tip2Farmer platform

    Stay Informed

    about the latest development of Tip2Farmer platform